Pedigree Puzzle

Using the Internet to solve genealogical mysteries.

I used to think that doing real genealogy on the Internet was impossible. Real genealogy was done in libraries, court houses, and parish offices. It seemed all the Internet was good for was for trading family legends and finding an occasional clue that could be validated only outside the Internet -- never any actual data.  

But that has changed. There are now many good sources for extracted and original documents on the Web and real genealogy can be done on the Internet. In fact, with wild-cards, soundexes, and every-name indexes, the Internet can often make a near-impossible task easy. (Note that some Internet sources are available only with a paid subscription.)

I have taken actual dead-end cases and found the solution using just the Internet. The solutions are as good as any found in an archive. Stop by each month to see a new mystery solved.

September 2004 Who were the parents of Oscar Nysander Anderson?
October 2004 What was the maiden name of Bruce Finch's wife Geanetta?
November 2004 Who were the parents of Peter A. May of Chicago?
December 2004 What was the maiden name of Arthur P. Gilliland's wife Luella?
January 2005 Who were the parents of Edgar R. Shaw of Musselshell Co, MT?
February 2005 Who were the parents of Ophelia Owen, wife of Frank Collard?
March and 
April 2005
Were the parents of Betty Smith, author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, German immigrants? Two families: Wehner and Hummel.
May 2005 Was Aron Davenport the father of John W. Davenport of NJ?
June 2005 What was the maiden name of John W. Zima's wife Marie?
July 2005 Was Charles Forest Edwards brother of Bryan Albert Edwards?
August 2005 Who was the family of Amos Orahood, husband of Olive West?
September 2005 Who were the parents of Alonzo Murphy and wife Nancy Potter?
October 2005 Another Pedigree Puzzle....

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