Who were the parents of Ophelia Owen, wife of Frank Collard?
What happened to the family of Sterling Owens?

The Collard family was found on Ancestry World Tree.
The Owens family was also found on Ancestry World Tree.

What we knew
Collard family  Ophelia Ann Owen and Frank Collard were married in Walker County, TX in 1871. 

In 1910, Ophelia is a widow in Montgomery County, TX living with her sons Marshall and Sterling. The 1910 census says she was born in Texas about 1853 and her father was born in Tennessee.

Owens family In 1860, Sterling Owens of Tennessee is in Limestone County, TX with wife Sarah, and daughters O. A., 7, and M. N., 1.
Where we looked
Comparing data Comparing data from the two researches, it becomes apparent that the "O. A." in 1860 is Ophelia Ann who later married Frank Collard. The fact that Ophelia named a son Sterling is a good clue. Plus age and birthplaces match.
Later records In 1870, Ophelia is living as a servant in Walker county, TX. Her father has died and her stepmother, Sarah Owen, and siblings, including sister M. N., are in Houston. In 1880, Sarah has remarried and is living in Falls County, TX with son Sterling. 
What we learned
Other researchers Often several researchers will be looking at the same family from different ends. By looking at other families in the same area and what others have posted, patterns will begin to appear. 

Follow up with what other researchers have posted by looking at the actual data. Some of the info may not be transcribed correctly.

Mother We still do not have the name of Ophelia's mother. Sterling's wife Sarah was too young to be her mother and was not born in the right place. 

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