Were Charles Forest Edwards and Bryan Albert Edwards brothers?

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What we knew
Bryan Edwards Bryan was born Oct 28, 1896 in Withamsville, OH. His WW I draft card shows he lived at 4197 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati and his father is John Oliver Edwards of the same address.
Charles Edwards Charles was born about 1882 in Withamsville, OH. He lived at 4136 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati in 1920.
Where we looked
1900 census
In Mt. Washington, Anderson Twp., Hamilton County, Ohio there is a family headed by John O. Edwards. The family also included 2 sons, Charles, b. Aug 1, 1881 and Bryan, b. Oct 28, 1896. Quite an unusual census taker to include the exact birthdates!

Curiously, the descendant felt there was too big a chance of coincidence to convince him that this was his family. This is unusual in that many people are very quick to jump on information that is even remotely close as proof of a relationship.

WW I draft card
The descendant had not found the draft card for Charles Edwards, but it was there under "Charlie Forest Edwards." His address on the card is the same as the one given by Bryan Edwards on his draft card. The clincher is that the date of birth on the draft card is Aug 1, 1881 - exactly as given in the 1900 census.
What we learned
Luck Because the census taker recorded the exact birthdate, we were able to match the person in the census to the person who filled out the draft card. 
Concrete proof The descendant who was not convinced without concrete proof is unusual. He will find it necessary to rely more on circumstantial evidence as he proceeds backwards in time.

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