What was the maiden name of Arthur P. Gilliland's wife Luella?

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What we knew
Vital Statistics Luella was born in 1871 or 1872 in Iowa. Her father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Pennsylvania. Her children were born in Kansas.
Where we looked
1930 census
The compiler of this family tree cited the 1930 census as the source of the information on Luella: 
Title: 1930 U.S. Federal census of Phillips County, Kansas.
Page: SD 2, ED 24, pg. 4/237A (Plum twp.).

It's always a good idea to see if any errors were made in transcribing the information from a source but in this case everything matched exactly.

1880 census
Using the advanced search capabilities at Ancestry.com, we searched for someone with a name like Luella that was born in Iowa and whose parents were born in KY and PA.

In Plum Twp, Phillips County, Kansas, there is a Luella Dixon, 8, born in IA with parents born in KY and PA.

What we learned
Family Tree In addition to the age and birthplaces matching, the Luella Dixon in the 1880 census is in the same township as the family is in 1930. Luella's parents are William Dixon, 70, born in Kentucky and his wife Hannah, 44, born in Pennsylvania.
Creative searching Advanced search tools, like that for the 1880 census at Ancestry.com, allow us to do searches that would be tedious the old-fashioned way.

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