Pennsylvania Havis Family Research

Why I researched this family
One of my husbandís ancestors is named Elizabeth Scott. Elizabethís father was John Scott, born in Maryland. All ten of his children are believed to have been born in Pennsylvania before the family moved to Belmont County, Ohio some time before 1830. The only thing we know about Elizabethís mother is that her name was Catherine Havis. This was from an Ohio county biographical history. 

In the 1850 Crawford Co, Ohio census, Johnís wife Catherine is shown as being born about 1791 in Pennsylvania. If that birth date is correct, she could not be the mother of Johnís first children, who were born starting in 1804, but she could have been a second wife and mother of Elizabeth, born in 1820. That is just one scenario. Another possibility is based on earlier census records. If they are to be believed, the wife of John Scott in 1830 was born 10 years before the wife of John Scott in 1840, which could indicate that Elizabethís mother, Catherine Havis, died between 1830 and 1840 and John remarried to another Catherine - the one who was in the 1850 census.

In any case, I needed to find a Catherine Havis born between 1770 and 1802.

Rumor has it that John Scott lived in Western Pennsylvania before he moved to Ohio. Looking at records in that area, I came across Abraham Havice, and thought it possible that Havis and Havice were just different spellings of the same name and so I saw a possible lead to Catherine Havis.

In my research into the Pennsylvania Havice family I did not find anything to lead me to believe that Catherine Havis is related. In fact, I must admit, it seems unlikely. (Yet there is that intriguing Sandusky County link!) But along the way to finding that out, I compiled a lot of information on the Havice family and their origins. Because I could not find a comprehensive listing of information on the Havice family or a thorough list of sources, I put together this Web site. I hope it is of some use to members of the Havice families.

Finding Havice origins
Thanks to Marian Dunlap, who found the link between Havice and Hebeisen in the Lutheran church records (and who freely shared her sources and information), the common origin of three branches of the family were discovered. The family is rooted in Philip Hebeisen and Ana Margareta Reifschneider of Colonial York County, Pennsylvania. The three branches of the family are from three of their sons, the brothers Abraham, Michael, and Philip.

Philip Hebeisen was from Germany where the name was pronounced Hay-bison. Because nobody really cared about spelling in those days, the name appeared in early records as: Hevise, Hebise, Hevisa, Hevisey, Hebison, Hevsey, Hevisy, Hepisy, Hevice, and Habersey. As spelling became standardized, the names of the descendents of sons Abraham and Philip became Havice. The third son, Michaelís branch, remained Hebeisen. Note that the area where Philip Havice (son of Philip and Ana Margaretha) settled is called Havice Valley. Locals there pronounce it Hay-vice, which shares the long A and long I sounds with Hebeisen.

Notes to readers
As I collected records for the families, I sorted the information for the early generations. I kept the later records but unless I find a connection to our Catherine Havis, have no interest in sorting out them out. I decided to include them in case relatives of the Hebeisen/Havice families found them useful. But please let me know of any errors in my assignment of the early records.

If you make a Gedcom of this information, be sure to correctly note the source of the information. Unless you, yourself, look at the source records I cite here, your source for the information is this Web page. This Web site is based on original research (except as noted) by Sharon Moore April-June, 2002.

Families and their records
1: The Hebeisen Family of York County
2: The Michael Hebeisen Branch of Cumberland County
3: The Abraham Havice Branch of Beaver County
4: The Philip Havice Branch of Mifflin County
5: Connections to Sandusky and Erie Counties Ohio
6: Other Families
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