Our Family Trees

This page contains some of the families that we are working on. For more information on any of these lines, contact Roger and Sharon.

Swiss This is the line of Roger's mother, Vera, who is of 100% Swiss ancestry. They were Bernese Swiss - Mennonite and Reformed - who immigrated to Ohio from 1835 to 1886.
Quebecois This is the French Canadian half of the ancestry of Sharon's paternal grandmother, Agnes Arriveé.
Long-Short Here is a branch starting with Roger's maternal grandmother, Ina Burr. It includes these surnames from PA, NY, MD, NJ, and OH: Berk, Burr, Golden, Grummon, Havias, Labar, Long, Scott, Short
Germans This line is from Roger's great grandmother Fredericka Grob. The family is primarily from Vörstetten, Baden with some from nearby villages in Baden and Alsace. Lots more folks from Vorstetten, some related, are on the Vörstetten page, along with some pictures of Vörstetten.
Dutcher There is a whole lot of info on all kinds of Dutchers here, not just Roger's.
Baylor These are the Baylors from Virginia, ancestors to Sharon's kids, Sandie & Chris.
Havis Research on Havis / Havice / Hebeisen families of Pennsylvania.